Introducing… Bitter Bushings (Cold Weather Skateboard Bushings)

Growing up in Canada, the separation of seasons has always been obvious. Certain activities are meant for certain times of the year. And skateboarding is one such activity. Shake off the rust in the spring, learn some new tricks in the summer, and relish the cool autumn days. Winter means video games, girlfriends, snowboarding and drinking. Yet in those cold winter months, the urge to skateboard remains, until eventually an underground garage is infiltrated, or a skatepark is shovelled. Yet despite our determination to skate, and an extra layer of clothing or two, the elements can’t be avoided. Leaving us to contend with wet griptape, road salt, and of course frozen bushings. Trying to turn and having the board go straight, tic-tacing everywhere, and damaged bushings and trucks are all related to frozen bushings caused by cold temperatures. After suffering through this for years, I started researching how to design bushings that would not freeze. Having consulted with engineers and tested numerous prototypes, I have successfully created Bitter Bushings, the first ever skateboard bushings designed for cold weather conditions. They look and skate like your normal bushings, but hold up to winter temperatures. Patent pending.

Available online at Available soon at a skateshop near you.

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Learn more about Bitter Bushings in this introduction video…

Thank you,
Clint McLean
Owner & Designer of Bitter Bushings

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